Break #124. A 6 tin master case of 2018-19 Upper Deck The Cup live at 6:55pm on Wednesday October 23



Break #124 will be a 6 tin master case of 2018-19 Upper Deck The Cup. Break will be live Wednesday October 23rd, 2019 at 6:55 p.m.

Break #124 will be a random break where we randomize the NHL team names 3 times and assign a team for each slot. Whichever card we pull that matches your team, you get the cards. So if you are interested just reply with the number(s) 1-31 you want.

The Cup is the 6 tins per case, 6 cards per tin with at least 2 Autograph Patches per tin. The Cup is easily the most anticipated product in the hockey card world and should be an exciting night.

Cost of the break is $135. 

There will be 3 prize given away for this break. Prize will be revealed as we near the break. We will randomize the 31 spots 3 times and the name #1, #2 and #3 after the 3rd random wins a prize to be determined at the break.

Any questions feel free to message or phone us Ultimate Sportscards 705-474-7975. 

Boxes in the break:

6 tins of 2018-19 Upper Deck The Cup

1) George G

2) Jonathan Rivard 

3) George S

4) Tye Commanda

5) Paul W

6) Ultimate Cal

7) Mike Carrier

8) Hannah G

9) FrankP

10) George G

11) Mike Carrier

12) Ultimate Cal

13) Ian and Brady Tapson

14) Jimmy Golden

15) Michelle/Felix

16) George G

17) Mike Carrier

18) Ben B

19) Paul W

20) Joe Z

21) Judie G

22) Tyler Hewitt

23) PS

24) Mike O'Neil

25) Penny L

26) Penny L

27) Penny L

28) Yvon L

29) Frank P

30) Ann Margaret S

31) Richard Badowski

SOLD OUT Break #123 will be a 8 box mini case of 2018-19 Upper Deck Chronology. Break #123 will be live on Facebook Wednesday October 9th, 2019 at 6:55pm.